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Improve Indigenous cancer care

Indigenous Australians are more likely to be diagnosed with cancer at a later stage than non-Indigenous Australians, often meaning treatment options are limited or more complex.

Addressing the care needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples affected by cancer requires a culturally-competent workforce and clinical expertise to enable quality culturally-appropriate cancer care, particularly in rural and remote areas. To support this, we propose the following strategies as a starting point;

  • Integrate and implement the recommendations of the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cancer Framework 2015 into the next state cancer plan
  • Fund 2 FTE Cancer Nurse Coordinators dedicated to Aboriginal cancer care to actively assist patients, families and carers to navigate the system and access services

We call on the next state government to commit $300k per annum of dedicated funding for 4 years to enable and deliver dedicated services for WA’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

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