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Mandatory kilojoule labelling in fast food outlets in WA

The consumption of fast foods is a major contributing factor to obesity – a well-established risk factor for a range of cancers. West Australians deserve to be informed about the kilojoule content of junk foods to enable them to make informed decisions about what they consume.

Kilojoule labelling in fast food outlets is already mandatory in NSW, ACT and SA and will become mandatory in Queensland and Victoria in 2017. In NSW, an evaluation found people purchased 15 per cent less kilojoules after the laws took effect.

In addition to kilojoule labelling, we also suggest introducing Health Star Ratings into WA fast food outlets. Health Star Ratings indicate a food’s nutritional value to give consumers better information to guide their eating choices.

We call on the next state government to require WA fast food outlets to display kilojoule content and Health Star Ratings on their menu boards.

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